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LearningPal’s leading AI-based enterprise solution provides a reliable document digitization and management platform for your employees and superb value for your business!

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LearningPal ADS

LearningPal AI recognizes and extracts the data from documents, and turn image into digital and searchable data with Cutting Edge Computer Vision Technology

Digitize all of your Paper Documents with LearningPal

Help enterprises to do digital transformation using AI technology.
Classification, Digitization, and Extraction. We turn raw data into structured data with just ONE click. 

Simple and Powerful intelligent automation for all Enterprises!


At LearningPal, our philosophy is simple – LearningPal improves your workflow and provides you with a better solution. 


More Work Efficiency

Free your employees or your team from repetitive tasks


Reduce Cost & Time

Speed up document processing time and Reduce your operating costs


Unprecedented Accurarcy

Offer a highly accurate product which detects both handwritten and machine-printed  documents


Data Security & Safety

Guarantee 100% data security and data safety of your enterprise data

Multiple Language

High recognition accuracy in English, Japanese, European languages, numbers, symbols, etc

Easy-to-use API

Provide clear documentation. Simple, responsive, and robust


Allow you to search the original data and documents anytime and anywhere

Less Processing Time

No paper documents or folders anymore. Search the files on our platform easily

Powerful design for working smarter & safer

LearningPal built a solution for the existing business processes, which allows  enterprises to begin a digital transformation.
Our intelligent AI-OCR solution identifies the document layouts and turns raw data into organized data that can easily integrate into any RPA/ERP systems.

Business Industries

Businesses are wasting too much time reading handwritten and printed documents and transcribing data manually. LearningPal enables enterprises to automate repetitive tasks such as RecognitionAuto-Correction, and Data-entry, which reduces the processing time and costs and  improves efficiency




Supply Chain



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新型コロナと戦う500 Kobe Accelerator 2020の参加スタートアップ17社が決定、国内からは6社が選出

Aug 27th, 2020 / by 

AIの活用により事務作業の80%を削減可能とする、紙資料のデジタル化と文書管理のための企業向けプ ラットフォームを提供・開発。

LearningPal had won the top 3 startups award of Plug and Play Spring Summit 2020

May 13th, 2020 / by Plug & Play 

LearningPal has successfully graduated from Plug and Play accelerator program and won the top 3 startups award of Supply Chain vertical in the spring summit 2020.

LearningPal was selected by the Plug and Play Silicon Valley Supply Chain accelerator program

February 21st, 2020 / by Plug&Play

LearningPal is proud to announce that it has been successfully selected by Plug and Play Silicon Valley Supply Chain vertical out of 600 companies. 

“LearningPal has shown us the great achievement that is more than 95% reading accuracy through the PoC. Their AI-based text reading software could digitize our paper reports which are written by hand. It has the possibility to eliminate many of the time-consuming works from our office.”

Kazuyouki M.

Tech. Scouting & Innovation Leader, Daikin America

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